The Pérez Zeledón Music School was built in 1994 as an extension project of the National University of Costa Rica and has become an extraordinary academic source in the symphonic music field.

The Pérez Zeledón Music School was founded in 1994 as a project of the National University with the objective of giving children and young people the opportunity of obtaining a musical education.  The Association of the Pérez Zeledón  Music School was founded in 1996 with the purpose of successfully running the school. This association is backed by the Municipality of Pérez Zeledón as well as the Ministry of Public Education, who, in conjunction with the National University, contribute the economic and human resources for the normal development of activities.

The Pérez Zeledón Music School was born through the academic initiative of Wilberth Vargas Guerrero. The first classes took place in the facilities of the Pedro Pérez Zeledón School with a student body of 60 children and young people, academically supervised by five teachers specializing in elemental subjects such as solfege, complementary instruments (recorder, choir, guitar) and symphonic instruments.

Currently (2016) the student body consists of 261 young people between the ages of 5 and 20 who receive complete education in theoretical and practical subjects, instrumental courses, and ensembles. The educational process is conducted by 23 teachers specialized in the teaching and performance of various different symphonic instruments. The administrative support in coordination and management is provided by four functionaries, two counselors,  two security personnel and one maintenance worker for a total staff of 32. The school includes 8 symphonic ensembles ranging from elementary to intermediate levels who maintain a high performance level. Since 2014 we are on the campus of the National University in the Brunca Region Offices in a new facility specially designed for musical education.

The educational strategy and learning which the school provides is characterized by having a constructive nature. The goal is to instill values such as discipline, respect, teamwork and honesty in young people through music, this gives students a positive venture into academic and professional environments as most who chose to obtain a higher education do so with outstanding admission grades in prestigious national and international universities. The possibility also exists that the students become music teachers thanks to an agreement with the Ministry of Public Education who accredits the school as a technical means in music.

Over the course of time, the school has become a prestigious establishment on a local and national level. This is the result of numerous concerts, recitals and development of workshops in various rural communities in the Brunca Region.

In our school we educate our students on a high level in music performance as well as in associated music courses. This allows us to conduct notable performances and offer concerts for personal entertainment as well as elevate the cultural spirit of our population. In this way we have provoked the decentralization of the systematic music culture that up until now has been reserved for the inhabitants of Costa Rica’s Central Valley.



The music school is a program of the National University with interinstitutionnel support geared towards the comprehensive education of children, young people and adults with musical inclinations through a constructive methodology which permits the development of their multiple abilities. This permits students to be reflexive and proactive people with the capacity to start cultural projects which benefit their communities and who are dedicated to the construction of a democratic and just society.


The music school seeks to consolidate itself as a recognized center for musical education on a national level as well as international level, an establishment where children and young people from all over the world can study and become active agents in the cultural development of their communities.


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MSc. Susana Acuña Torres
MSc. Susana Acuña TorresPresidente
Lic. Francisco Sánchez Fallas
Lic. Francisco Sánchez FallasVicepresidente
Bach. Flor Blanco Cascante
Bach. Flor Blanco CascanteSecretaria
MSc. Élida Hernández Arrieta
MSc. Élida Hernández ArrietaTesorera
John Monge Ceciliano
John Monge CecilianoVocal 1
Isabel Bonilla Solano
Isabel Bonilla SolanoVocal 2
Lic. José Efraín Sanders Quesada
Lic. José Efraín Sanders QuesadaVocal 3
Vilma González Chavarría
Vilma González ChavarríaFiscal

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